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Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) – Error: Database Error


Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) – Error: Database Error

I’ve been using WSUS Server to update all my member servers, once upon running the WSUS console I found that the console crashes and prompts with “ERROR: Database Error”

Upon further trouble shooting I found that there was a windows update KB3159706, once this update is installed it crashes the WSUS console. Uninstall the update shown below from Control Panel –> Windows Updates and restart the server.

After the server was restarted I was able to login into my WSUS successfully.

To avoid this update installing automatically, we can hide the update, as shows below right click on the update and click “Hide update”

In case if we need to restore any updates which are hidden, it can be restore from:

Control Panel–> Restore hidden updates –> Select the update and click restore

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