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M365 Shared Mailbox

M365 (Office 365)

M365 Shared Mailbox

Let’s assume that a user has left the company and you want to free up the M365 License while maintain the user mailbox for accessing it at any given point in time.

M365 has a very good feature called Shared Mailbox, which is also available in On-Premise Exchange Versions.

Using Shared Mailbox, you can free up a M365 License and assign user access to this shared mailbox in your organization.

Let’s see how to do it…

  1. Login to the M365 Admin Center with Global Admin User, and click on Exchange from the Admin Centers pane.

  1. Go to recipients and click on mailboxes.

Note: You can also perform these steps from New Exchange Admin Center.
  1. Select the desired mailbox and on the right pane click Convert.

  1. Once the mailbox is converted to a shared mailbox, you can verify it “Shared” tab.

  1. Double click the shared mailbox and configure “mailbox delegation” or “mailbox features”.

  1. Go to M365 Admin Center, under Users click on Active Users and Select the User à remove the check mark form the licenses assigned and Save it. Also you can block the user account to avoid unauthorized login attempts.


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  1. issa

    its my basic role in my work this way

    October 16, 2022 at 11:14 am

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