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OceanStor Dorado ALL-Flash Storage


OceanStor Dorado ALL-Flash Storage

Reference: Huawei Technologies

Enterprises are finding accurate decision-making more and more challenging in the face of today’s massive, complex, and rapidly changing
data. They are in urgent need of high-performance IT infrastructures to
support the quick analysis of massive amounts of data and the extraction of valuable information. Huawei’s OceanStor Dorado V3 all-flash storage is
able to deliver 0.5 ms consistent latency by incorporating intelligent chips,
NVMe architectures, and Huawei’s FlashLink® intelligent algorithms to
achieve end-to-end optimizations from SSDs and controllers, which help
improve the application performance threefold and reduce report generation time to one third. It can scale out to 16 controllers and 7,000,565 SPC-1 IOPSTM, making it capable of meeting growing business requirements in the future.


  1. Purpose-built for enterprise-class mission-critical
    business, equipped with comprehensive SAN and NAS features.
  2. Ideal for use with databases, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), virtual server infrastructure (VDI), SAP HANA and file sharing.
  3. Facilitates the transition to all-flash for customers in the finance, manufacturing, telecom, and other sectors.

3x increase in application performance

  • Up to 7,000,565 SPC-1 IOPSTM
  • Low to 0.5 ms consistent latency (with inline compression, inline deduplication, and snapshot enabled)
  • Intelligent chips for end-to-end data acceleration
  • NVMe architecture for all models
  • FlashLink® intelligent algorithms

99.9999% field-proven availability

  1. World’s most reliable SSD, MTBF up to 3 million hours
  2. Full-redundancy architecture and hot plugging of key components, eliminating single points of failure
  3. Certified magnitude-9 earthquake resistance capability
  4. RAID-TP technology, able to tolerate simultaneous failures of three SSDs.
  5. Gateway-free active-active solution, upgradable to a 3DC solution
  6. Converged Data Management solution, efficient storage protection in multi-cloud environments.

75% OPEX savings

Inline deduplication and compression, supporting a data reduction ratio up to 5:1.

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