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Failover Cluster Configuration


Failover Cluster Configuration



  1. Minimum two (2) Servers required for configuring Failover Cluster.
  1. Install Failover Cluster Manager Role from Server Manager à Add Roles and Features.
  1. A Virtual Disk (Quorum.vhdx) mounted on both the servers



Below are the scripts that are using to create Quorum.vhdx file in the “Scale-Out File Server Share” and attaching it to both the Virtual Machines (CLOUDSQL01 and CLOUDSQL02).


To create a new .vhd

New-VHD -Path \\cloudsofscap\FabricManagement\hyper-v\CLOUDCLUSTER04\Quorum.vhdx -Dynamic -SizeBytes 1GB -PhysicalSectorSizeBytes 4096 -LogicalSectorSizeBytes 4096

Attaching .vhdx to servers.

Add-VMHardDiskDrive -VMName CLOUDSQL01 -Path \\cloudsofscap\FabricManagement\hyper-v\CLOUDCLUSTER04\Quorum.vhdx -SupportPersistentReservations

Add-VMHardDiskDrive -VMName CLOUDSQL02 -Path \\cloudsofscap\FabricManagement\hyper-v\CLOUDCLUSTER04\Quorum.vhdx -SupportPersistentReservations

Steps to create Failover Cluster

  1. Open Server Manager à Tools à Failover Over Cluster Manager
  1. Right click on Failover Over Cluster Manager and Click Create Cluster and click Next
  1. Select Servers that you would like to Add in the Failover Cluster and click Next.
  1. On the Validation Warning page, select Yes to run the Validation Test and click Next.
  1. On the Validate a Configuration Wizard click Next.
  1. On Testing Options page, select Run all tests (recommended) and click Next.
  1. On the Validation Confirmation page click Next.
  1. Validation will start and if the entire requirement for the cluster is available it will finish successfully.
  1. In the Summary, Validation has Completed Successfully, click on View Report to know more details and click Finish.
  1. Assign the Cluster Name and IP Address for the Cluster and click Next.
  1. On the Confirmation page, “Add all eligible storage to the cluster” is checked and click Next.
  1. Creating New Cluster.
  1. On Summary Page it shows Cluster is created successfully click Finish.
  1. Expand the Failover Cluster Manager and to preview the configuration.

Download with images using this link – Creating Failover Cluster

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