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Recover “admin” password for Huawei eBackup Server Portal


Recover “admin” password for Huawei eBackup Server Portal

If you forget the “admin” password for Huawei eBackup Portal. Follow the steps mentioned below to recover:

  1. Run “Putty” and login in the eBackup Server.
  2. Use “hcp” user to login.
  3. The login in into root using “su root” command.
  4. The from root prompt run the following command:
    # export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/huawei-data-protection/ebackup/db/lib
  5. The run the following command:
    #opt/huawei-data-protection/ebackup/db/bin/gsql -d admindb -U gaussdb -p 6432 -c “update users set PASSWORD=’PH44rriNnyEPiExl1Ywma2657HlTX0yNt6OC+S6Su4ljJ+4kuwLsHAAUCrQq0zvVR/PmugOkvh+yOEr+Ke4fxw==’,SALT=’Am+eck+BsLE=’ where username=’admin'”
  6. Enter the password for GaussDB i.e. Huawei@CLOUD8!

Then login in the eBackup Portal using “admin” account and password is Huawei@CLOUD8!

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